Will Melanotan II Permanently Darken Your Skin? | How Long Do The Results Last?

Will Melanotan II Permanently Darken Your Skin? | How Long Do The Results Last?

Whether or not or not Melanotan II completely tans your pores and skin is one thing that is not mentioned typically in relation to its use.

I felt the necessity to tackle this as a result of I am a really skilled Melanotan II consumer and have researched it rather a lot through the years.

Sure, to some extent, Melanotan II completely darkened my pores and skin after a 12 months of steady use.


Melanotan II is an injectable peptide primarily used to drastically enhance your physique’s means to tan.

The pigment of your pores and skin getting darker is the results of UV ray publicity.

As your pores and skin turns into uncovered to UV rays, Melanin is produced to guard your pores and skin from burning and solar harm.

For those who’re utilizing Melanotan II for a brief sporadic time period, I am not 100% positive if it may be everlasting, or the outcomes could simply be negligible as a consequence of low frequency or dosage basically.

However, if you happen to’ve obtained your self to a reasonably darkish shade, there may be completely a chance that your base shade will completely change into darker than your authentic pores and skin shade, even if you happen to’ve discontinued Melanotan UK utilization and stopped getting UV publicity.

My Baseline Pores and skin Tone Now Vs. Earlier than

Within the coaching footage beneath, that is after the whole winter of not touching Melanotan II, or being within the solar in any respect.

You may see I nonetheless have a tan, and I nonetheless am the identical shade now.

I look decently tanned contemplating I’ve been indoors and have not stepped within the solar for a 3rd of a 12 months, and I have never touched Melanotan II both.

For those who have a look at my base shade of what I was earlier than I attempted Melanotan II a few years in the past, it was this:


I used to be a really pale individual.

To at the present time now, regardless of how lengthy I take off of Melanotan II, or do not go within the solar, Melanotan II completely darkened my pores and skin, as my base shade by no means actually will get lighter than that video.

Hold that in thoughts if you will embark on any experiments utilizing Melanotan II.

Melanotan II completely darkens your pores and skin shade, and the tan it produces lasts for a considerably longer time period than a naturally achieved tan.

Take Martina Large for instance.

She has abused Melanotan II for thus lengthy and with such excessive dosages that even when she stopped utilizing it and stopped UV publicity completely, it could in all probability take upwards of a 12 months for her to revert again to baseline, and her baseline is sort of undoubtedly darker than her authentic base pores and skin tone.

Take this into consideration relating to long run Melanotan II utilization.


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